New Study Reveals Quality of Teachers at Age 4 Can Greatly Impact a Child’s Future Earnings

A new study suggests that a child’s future earnings can be greatly impacted by the quality of their teachers at the age of four. The research, conducted by the Department for Education (DfE) and Durham University, used DfE databases to connect adults’ earnings to the reception classes they attended. The results show the significant influence of early years’ education, revealing that one in 40 primary schools in England produce entire classes likely to earn more money than their peers. The study estimates that the top 2.5% of reception classes add higher lifetime earnings averaging between £2,000 to £7,500 per pupil, even after adjusting for factors such as family circumstances, ethnicity, and language. The report concludes that in addition to the potential boost in earnings, the social and economic returns from investments in high-quality reception classes may also be much larger than the study’s estimates, especially for disadvantaged pupils.

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