Heroes in Education: A Tribute to the Educators who Kept the Lights On During Strikes

The recent strike action by the National Education Union (NEU) caused disruption for many parents and pupils, but we cannot ignore the heroes who rose to the occasion and made sure that education was not interrupted. The Department for Education’s data shows that a staggering 90.7% of schools remained open to some or all pupils on February 1st, despite the strikes. This is a testament to the dedication and commitment of our head teachers, teachers, and support staff who continue to put their students first.

It’s heartening to see that 45.9% of schools were fully open, providing continuity for pupils. While 44.7% of schools were open with restrictions, it still meant that the majority of pupils could attend and receive the education they deserve. We are thankful for these schools who have gone above and beyond to ensure that their pupils are not impacted by the strikes.

Of the 77.3% of schools in England that participated in the data collection, 52.1% of primary schools were fully open and 38.7% were restricting attendance. On the other hand, 17.4% of secondary schools were fully open and 73.6% were restricting attendance. These figures are a clear indication of the efforts made by our educators to keep education going, even during challenging times.

In conclusion, we must acknowledge and appreciate the hard work of our educators, who made sure that education continued even during the strikes. They have once again proven that they will stop at nothing to provide a quality education for their pupils, especially for the vulnerable, children of key workers, and those preparing for crucial exams. Thank you, educators, for your unwavering commitment!

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